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My Jammu Memories

People who survived 1947 and migrated have not forgotten their motherland. Sorayya Khurshid, who was born and brought up in…

Manto’s Letter to Nehru

Saadat Hussain Manto’s has been Pakistan’s celebrated story writer of Kashmir origin. But not many people know that the great…

Explosion After A Royal Visit

Written on August 2, 1870, this piece offers details about the ‘pride of possession’ when Britons came visiting Kashmir. Shedding…

Ghazal and Agha Shahid

Poet Agha Shahid Ali (February 4, 1949 to December 8, 2001) eventually became Kashmir’s identity in the English literature.  Prof…

Burhan, Islamabad and Gwadar

Delhi manipulated post-1965 support in Kashmir by permitting a minority political class to grow gradually and dominate the scene. Strategic…

A Statesman

In 1947, Kashmir was literally independent for many fortnights. After rumours about the major princely state joining India, there was…

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