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Choosy reservation
A constitutional measure to improve the status of underprivileged classes – reservation in jobs and education – is proving a lopsided measure. Many deserving areas have been left out while many in the list have long acquired facilities available to advanced areas. Hamidullah Dar reports.
A trust questioned

The major custodian of Muslim properties in Kashmir, Waqf or Auqaf, has remained beyond scrutiny for decades, though its management…

Fighting polythene

By banning polythene usage, the first step to fight the menace has been taken. But lack of alternatives and absence…

Organized mess

As everyone wants a private vehicle, authorities struggle to find road space and parking lots to smoothen their flow. Majid…

Done in by the dons

Home Minister P Chidambaram was requested by the state government to review the development projects in J&K. It may not…

The illusive road

Deesa Kapran road can not only connect Doda with Kashmir Valley and trigger development in remote areas, it can also…

Beautifying Jhelum

R S GulFor a little over three km stretch in the heart of Srinagar,  the meandering Jhelum looks a bit…

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