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Silently Similar

Changing masters and the political geographies have not altered one routine, the summer tensions. Masood Hussain reports the peak crises…

That Televised War

It has been 17 years since India and Pakistan fought a ‘localized’ war over the hills between Zoji La and…

The Gilgit Rebel

From Gilgit to Kupwara, Srinagar to Jammu and eventually from Muzaffarabad to London, Amanullah Khan Astori lived an eventful life…

Over to Professor

After he was barred from teaching in 1986, the disgruntled Prof Abdul Gani Bhat began lecturing on politics in a…

The Big Jama’at

Had Jama’at-e-Islami not offered its resource base and the vast organizational skeleton, MUF might not had been as important as…

Ghulam Mohammad Mir

Ghulam Mohammad Mir (September 21, 1949 – December 16, 1993) A man, who jumped into politics, contested an election unsuccessfully…

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