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Bloody Sunday

One of the bloodiest polling days in Kashmir’s recent history left 8 dead and over two hundred injured. Zubair Sofi…

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Volcanic Verdict

Unprecedented since 1951, the first recorded election, the poll, re-poll and the postponement in Kashmir bypolls is the newest protest…

Campaign Whispers

With massive tensions at ground zero, PDP and Congress candidates pitted for the South Kashmir Lok Sabha seat are busy…

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As the four districts are trying to get a semblance of routine after losing 77 youth in 2016 unrest, amid…


After the recent reshuffle in the cabinet, albeit at a small level, chinks in PDPs armour were too visible. The…

Baffling Reshuffle

As Chief Minister availed her rights to reshuffle some of her ministers, crevices hidden under winter adhesives gave up revealing…

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