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Between Two Eids

Within days after teenage rebel was killed soon after the Eid 2016, Kashmir started changing rapidly. A year later, almost…

Lalla Rookh Debate

People talking about Kashmir are so ignorant about the place that they presume most of nearly seven million people inhabiting…

Caught Within

With Delhi unmoved on almost every front, the situation is gradually getting explosive in Kashmir. Tasavur Mushtaq details how the…

Fear and Exile

The killing of a senior party worker literally sent PDP foot-soldiers looking for save heavens outside south Kashmir. Suhail A…


After the recent reshuffle in the cabinet, albeit at a small level, chinks in PDPs armour were too visible. The…

Baffling Reshuffle

As Chief Minister availed her rights to reshuffle some of her ministers, crevices hidden under winter adhesives gave up revealing…

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