By Muhammad Nadeem

Barb wire


Dear Lord, bestow Cherries: their real red colour back!

and Apples – their taste!

give blind the sight again!

or take my seeing away!


I can’t see

what I saw before

the Ugly Black 27TH of October

the Sun doesn’t teach

that Shine anymore


Moon’s smile

that Disappeared in 90’s

Can’t be seen anywhere

That Soothing Voice

and Songs


and Music

of those free birds

is being remembered everywhere

and These Fruits

doesn’t Taste Any Good


Because now…

slavery and Oppression

is their Photosynthesis!

My Dear Lord,

why doesn’t time move on?


why is still every day the 27TH?

how much more Time will I wait?

how much more Sacrifice you need?

how much more Blood we bleed?

Oh My Dear Lord!


You saw the torn clothes

of my raped daughter!

You were there…

when my murdered son

was smiling in my lap!


My Merciful Lord!

walking this road for so long…

I See Blood of my brothers

making it so slippery

that I no more can stand still!


There are infinite bullet-pierced tales to bleed out, My Lord!

but I just want you to answer

when will be the 28TH!?

when it will be… when!!!


(The Poet is currently pursuing Masters in Journalism from Kashmir University. Views expressed are the poet’s own.)


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