Ashok Bhan Resigns From JK Govt. Apex Committee

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Senior Congress Leader Ashok Bhan has resigned from the membership of the Apex Committee constituted vide Govt. order no. Rev/MR116 of 2009 on 16-9-2009. The committee was tasked to help the state government for implementation of 6000 employment package, protection of Temples & shrines by an appropriate Act of Legislature, return & rehabilitation policy formulation etc, besides building confidence in the KP community for the safe & dignified return to Kashmir Valley & other related issues.

As per a statement to a local news agency, KNS, Bhan has said that “the state government has failed this suffering community and is pursuing the policy and agenda of exclusion of this Aborigine Kashmiri community to appease the elements inimical to pluralistic society more particularly in the Valley. By the forced exodus of this Hindu religious minority Kashmir’s demographic profile is already shattered and no serious campaign/effort is in place to reverse the same.”

He has also said, “Restoration of plural socio political ethos is the first task of any responsible government. The PDP-Congress combination had set the agenda for the dignified return with the required pace, emphasis and commitment. But this government has miserably failed for the reasons, either it does not have the ideological commitment or it is incompetent.”


  1. It is a political move just to appease the pandit community. The fact is that the pandit community itself is not interested in returning to valley because this migrant community will loose all the benefits it is enjoying both at state and central level. To be honest – looting both central and state resources. Their children are well settled outside the State and do not bother to think of return to valley. The new generation has forgotten their kashmiri language, kashmiri culture, ethics, social life. These political leaders for their benefits are just beating about the bush for their benefits. They know once they return to their homes — by the way which have been sold by them long ago–they will loose free everything and cash benefits. The neglected community, as of now , is the Muslim community living in the state which faces the atrocities from all corners whose plight is nobody ready to listen.

    • Human being has been bestowed the sense to choose, we choose to be away from violence, rest of things are secondary. In Kashmir they were minority now they are part of one billion plus majority, so even one seat in each college reserved for them will far exceed their population.

      It is good we have taken a single view since 1947 that Hindus are with India, We did not change it every week like with politicians of Kashmir. After all in 1947 in POK what they did to Hindus , there is not a single soul of them today there. So politically why they should shout slogans for Paksitan AKA Azadi.

  2. this very sad and unfortunate , Pandit community lost their home land for the sake of Bharat Mata under a planned manner of Security agencies of India, which was also told by NC legislator Mohammd Shafi Khan (URI) recently in an Indian TV channel. 2nd thing now Pandits are not interested to return kashmir valley because of all the Relief packages given to them by government will be stopped, so they are enjoying like prince in India having each and every facility free from the Government, No.3 they are also fulfilling the Agenda of extremist, communal , Terrorist Hindu Organisations like BJP and his sister concern parties , No. 3 Ashok Bhan is well known to every one how much communal mentality he has . so there is no need for further comments ,

  3. As per statement of Ex NC parliamentarian, kashmiri pandits were driven out in Government vehickles by the then Governor Jagmohan under planned manner, as per his statement Governor assured these communal extremist kashmiri pandits that, Musliums will be killed/crushed within three month and you will be called back to kashmir valley like kings, then you will be the king of kashmir and musliums will be no more there to raise voices against illegal Indian oppression .

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