BJP Supports Mehbooba but Want Cabinet Reshuffle: Chering Dorje



Bhartiya Janata Party legislator Monday said that majority of the party legislators in BJP fully support Mehbooba Mufti as Chief Minister while some party members have floated the idea of rotational chief minister during their meeting with central leadership.

Legislator from Leh, Chering Dorje told CNS that there are some BJP legislators who wished to see any BJP legislator as Chief Minister of the State for three years while others want complete reshuffle in cabinet port folios. “During our meeting with party leader Ram Madhav, almost all the legislators supported Mehbooba Mufti and wished that status quo should be maintained. However, there were some legislators who floated the idea of rotational chief minister and even demanded a reshuffle in cabinet berths,” he said.

“Ram Madhav only sought the opinions from us and left the final decision on party high command. In a day or two everything will be clear,” he said.


  1. People’s democratic parties decision to enter into coliation with Hindu extremist batya jana party has turned determental to the intrests of people’s democratic party in particular and for kashmir in particular it perfect time to people’s democratic party to sever it’s ties with bartyacjanta party to save it’s ramnant prestige

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