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Life in Colours

A fourth generation Rangar is struggling to save the traditional art of dyeing the yarn from onslaught of modernity and…

Arts & Culture
Artist’s Elegy

When she landed in Delhi for studies, she carried impressions of Kashmir’s troubled history along. Through art, Hina Arif highlights…

Arts & Culture
Waghoo is Out

With polythene foam taking over as new matting material in Kashmir, handmade Waghoo is losing both appeal and market. Shakir…

Arts & Culture
0 Bridge 2.0

With Zero Bridge renovated at a sluggish pace in traditional Kashmiri architecture, it is almost a replica of Zaina Kadal…

Arts & Culture
Poetic Musings

He is a banker who thinks in verses rather than ones and zeroes. Shakir Mir talks to poet Mohammad Zahid…

Arts & Culture
Painting Mughals

The art of depicting lifestyle of erstwhile Mughals rulers on papier-mâché is fading into history. Mohammad Raafi traces one of…

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