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Let Kashmir govern itself

Reyaz AhmadThis Assembly session has by far been the murkiest in the state’s history. It started with Mehbooba Mufti’s mike…

Punitive Act

Among all Indian states, J&K has the distinction of having its own constitution. Through its fundamental rights and directive principles,…

Lest we repent!

Hamidullah DarSlowly and steadily, Kashmiri language is losing its ground in the very land that happens to share its name.…

Be fair

In J&K, regional discrimination is an old issue. Political forces in Jammu have used it for creating and consolidating their…

Flux of the Flu

Arshid MalikThe Union Minister of State for Environment and Forests, Jairam Ramesh, made a specific reference in a broken accent…

Come Clean On Shopian

Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has admitted that the government made mistakes in the handling of Shopian twin rape and murder…

Embargoed future
Public memory is said to be short. Seemingly, the issue of economic blockade that threatened the existence of the state a year ago is all but forgotten.
Break the ice
Hamidullah Dar

Intentionally or otherwise, Kashmiris are being pushed into a situation where people from Jammu region, or more accurately minority community, are all set to rule them for a long time. Not to speak of Kashmir Administrative Service which has become an elusive dream for most of the deserving candidates from Kashmir valley, the tentacles of patronage of a particular community have spread to other services as well.
In the recently declared short listing of Junior Health Inspectors specific for Kashmir division, only one among the 80 is a Kashmiri while as 79 are from Jammu division. This is the crass injustice to a division which already suffers for its meagre share in bureaucracy and other departments. Had this been done with Jammu division, whole of the Jammu region spearheaded by their politicians, would have cried hoarse blurting unfounded allegations on the hapless Kashmiris.

Moral of the allegation
The moment the allegation was levied, it was not the moral self of Kashmir that was lost; it was the ethical self. It is not a personal cleansing which is required, but a political one.
Violence against women in Kashmir
Dr. Bashir A. Dabla

It is generally believed that the traditional society of Kashmir about 60 years back was absolutely crime-free. The dominant majority of population had neither witnessed nor heard of any major crimes committed by its members. But, today, the same society stands at its opposite extreme. We all are first-hand witness to the emergence of minor and major crimes, especially violence against women, in Kashmiri society. This has happened in a brief period of three to four decades in a particular social context with specific factors contributing to its dynamics and continuity.
Broadly speaking, this alarming situation has emerged in the valley in the background of two distinctive processes of modernization and militancy-militarization.  The first set of factors are directly related to the process of modernization, particularly urbanization, industrialization, cultural-media exposure, migration, education, secularization, materialistic orientation, value-free environment, moral degradation  and so on.

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