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Path to Majesty

Mughal Road has opened lanes of benefit to varied sectors of society. Javaid Naikoo reports on how this road lures…

Chugging along

Kashmir train has provided a cheaper faster more reliable alternative to travel in Kashmir. Saima Riyaz takes a trip on…

Governance Transportation is the real mover and shaker of the economy. (KL file Image)
No way for roads

The number of vehicles in Srinagar has increased five times in the last twenty years while road lengths saw negligible…

Heart break

After years of suspense Kashmir has lost its chance to have a super specialty cardiac centre headed by internationally renowned…

Small car, big hitches

The Tata’s small car is luring people at the lowest ebb of middle class, but concerns are growing whether infrastructure…

Train runs through it

The mini-train does not connect Kashmir with other parts of the world, it runs like a crawling caterpillar bisecting the valley plain. Maroosha Muzzaffar takes a ride on the train connecting south Kashmir’s Islamabad with north Kashmir’s Baramulla.

High handed occupation

Legislators meant to improve public facilities in their constituencies are encroaching existing ones, so are small rung political leaders. Police…

The illusive road

Deesa Kapran road can not only connect Doda with Kashmir Valley and trigger development in remote areas, it can also…

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