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High handed occupation

Legislators meant to improve public facilities in their constituencies are encroaching existing ones, so are small rung political leaders. Police…

The illusive road

Deesa Kapran road can not only connect Doda with Kashmir Valley and trigger development in remote areas, it can also…

A long way to go
If occupancy is a criterion, Kashmir train service can be called a success, but limited runs by one train through stations poorly connected with main towns is more of an inconvenience than a facility. Hamidullah Dar reports.

Kashmir train service has proved economic for commuters when local transport fares are surging, but lack of facilities and proper connectivity to stations makes the travel long and cumbersome.
To 1500 passengers who use this train daily from Islamabad station to Srinagar and back, the journey gets upsetting once they step out of the train.
A ten rupee ticket for 50-kilometres seems a trifle but add five rupees from Islamabad station to main town and six rupees from Nowgam to Srinagar, it equals the bus fare for the journey. The buses, at least drop commuters in the city.

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