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It may or may not love it but Kashmir is fascinated about its past, despite it being troubled. Part of the crisis that the present is grappling with is an impact of the past of the place. This section offers detailed reportage and the analysis of key history developments of the state of Jammu and Kashmir which includes the characters who have dominated these developments. This section is usually featuring the experts in the field of history.

Exiled By Hijack

In between the two high-profile hijackings of 1971 and 1999 involving Kashmir, there was one least reported and much less…

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Between Red And Green

The right-wingers demolished Sheikh Abdullah’s ‘empire’ by taking their battle – Eak Vidhan, Eak Nishan, against the twin flags system…

Summer Slaughter

In one year, it took Tahir Bhat eight visits to police station Vilgam to attempt getting even the basic information…

A Withered Witness

Witness to the ups and downs in Shehr-e-Khas, Siddiq Sodaghar remembers all events between the Nala Mar filling to the…

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School of Defection

With assembly active and no government in place, various politicians are attempting to get power and are keenly exploring the…

Quit Kashmir Movement 1946

Four years after Congress launched Quit India Movement, Sheikh Abdullah announced Quit Kashmir on May 15, 1946. It triggered massive…

Historian Hasan Shah

One of Kashmir’s reputed chroniclers of his time, Pir Hasan Shah Khoihami (1832-98), had taken pains in collecting various documents…

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Managing 1947 Mayhem

After the erstwhile J&K state was sliced into two halves amid massive demographic upheavals, the International Committee of the Red…

Understanding Kashmiri

The only Englishman who is more famous in Kashmir than the UK is Sir Walter R Lawrence, the man who’s…

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