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Anarchy: This or That!

Irtif Lone The political theories of how to rule a state are being re-written these days and probably the elite…

In winter, Jammu is Kashmir!

Irtif Lone  Kashmir is divided into three different provinces namely Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh and each province unique in its…

Hyderabad Delight

Irtif Lone New Year for me started on a travelling note, I had to travel to Hyderabad. And it was…

Unforgettable Misery!

Irtif Lone On the 10th of every month, a couple of hundred people come together in Partap Park, in the…

Crumbling Social Order

Irtif Lone I am not sure how far defining Kashmir as “Peer Waer” is justified, but as long as I…

Aam Aadmi then, VIP now!

On 26 November, 2012 a political party was launched in Delhi. And on 8th December, 2013 it created history, which…

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