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Emergency 24X7

Every time Kashmir streets turn into battlefields, hospitals struggled to manage the outcome. Working round the clock medical staff struggled…

Cover Story
Sitting On A Massacre?

Every time streets are tense, people within and outside government revive memories of 2010 summer. But the families of youth…

Love is Blind

It was the end of world for young Amir when he lost his eyesight during 2010 uprising. He resigned himself…

On Conflict Within The Conflict

Last year, Imtiaz Ahmed was marching in some of the biggest pro-freedom demonstrations India has faced in revolt-hit Kashmir since the start of an insurgency two decades ago.

Lonely battle

A family that lost its only child last June is fighting to bring the killers to justice even after alleged…

Dummy parade

More than nine months after the killing of teenager Tufail Matoo, the policeman who fired the shell that killed him…

Just an FIR

Teengar Tufail Matoo was killed after being hit by a police teargas shell, triggering a cycle of protest and killings in Kashmir. Tufail’s family had to struggle hard, just to lodge an FIR. Aliya Bashir reports. 

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