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Playing to the gallery

The appointment of interlocutors, their Kashmir foray, and report to home minister, all seems to be an exercise in haste,…


The much hyped talk of appointing interlocutors for Kashmir have started as a damp squib, with most people dismayed by…

Human Rights
Enemy territory

People of Palhallan have been incarcerated in their homes without electricity and access to healthcare, nor are they allowed to…

Cover Story
Lethal Mindsets

After 64 deaths and more than 700 injured, the state is arming forces with ‘non-lethal’ weapons for managing protesting crowds.…

Human Rights
Witnessing murder

An otherwise calm colony of Islamabad town, Anchidora, witnessed horror on June 29, when three youth were killed in cold…

Press curfew

In less than two years newspapers in Kashmir had to stop publications under a strict curfew.  And two days later…

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