Death of Kashmiri Trucker: Kashmiri Pandit Body Supports Shutdown Call



A Kashmir Pandit body, KPSS, Sunday paid condolences to the family members of Zahid Rasool Bhat who died today in New Delhi after battling for life for over a week.

He was, among two others, attacked by mob in Udhampur. “These acts de-moralise and de-stabilize the society we live in. These acts need to be checked as soon as possible and it should be by all means responsibility of the Government who hold the position in state as well as in centre to check this law and order problem created by some communal headed persons,” Sanjay Tickoo. Head of KPSS, said in a statement.

“KPSS will not tolerate any innocent killings in the state of J&K on the basis of communal ground, whosoever it may be.”

KPSS endorses the shut down call given by the various organizations against these heinous acts done which are designed to divide the people of the state, the statement said.


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