Don’t insult sacrifices of Kashmiris: Er Rasheed to Governor


Calling Governor Satpal Malik’s remarks that Kashmir is an issue for people between the age group of 13 to 23 years as childish and stupid, AIP President Er Rasheed in a statement has asked Governor not to insult sacrifices of Kashmiris and mislead the world community.

In a statement, Er Rasheed said that Jammu and Kashmir issue is not about entertainment, opening cinemas, cafés or playfields but about respecting sacrifices of masses and fulfilling promises made with them from United Nations to Shimla.

Er Rasheed said, “ Governor Malik needs not to worry about our children and people of J&K know better how to build their future. It is his forces who killed teenagers like Wamiq Farooq, Zahid Farooq Tufail Matoo, Omer Qayoom and hundreds like them who were silenced forever while playing cricket or returning from schools. It is the third generation which is being bulldozed and butchered by state terrorism only to fulfill the colonial and notorious egos and designs of Delhi.

“Governor should not forget that only last year on October 19 a six-month pregnant lady namely Firdousa wife of Khursheed Ahmad Sheikh was killed at Shadimarg Pulwama by the bullets of men in uniform,” he said.

“Of course children are the victims of conflict but not because they don’t have playfields and cinemas but for the reason that their parents are facing state terrorism every day and thousands of them have lost their beloved parents at the hands of state terrorism. There are hundreds of teenagers who are waiting every day for their Jailed parents. If Governor cares so much about children of age group between 13 to 23, he must intervene and release Sarjan Barkati, Asiya Andrabi, Dr Qasim Faktoo and dozens of others, whose kids are passing through mental trauma every minute,” said Er Rasheed.

“The children are living in a constant state of fear not because they don’t have cinemas and cafes but seven lac. men in uniform have been ruling them at the barrel of the gun and have occupied school buildings, meadows, and other public places. Governor must get details from police stations and make it public that how many children from the age group of 13 to 23 are lodged in jails or are having unwanted and false FIR’s registered against them,” he added.

“It is not Kashmiris but New Delhi which is trying to criminalize the entire future generation by its draconian laws, state terrorism, and continuing uncertainty by denying a resolution to the seventy-year-long dispute,” said Er Rasheed.


  1. Mr. Er.Rasheed of Kashmir,talks of Security Agencies misleading Delhi, but he can explain the situation and if possible subject a solution, if he is really interested.

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