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It will have a three km long cut and cover 11.70 cms capacity water conductor using left bank of the river that will feed 1900 mm diameter penstock to feed the turbines. The weir will be set up in Lachho Da Pahad village.

At an estimated cost of Rs 96 crore, the project is designed to generate 55.14 million units of energy in a year. The power station will be in Chandimarh village on the Mughal road near Bahram Gala. Environment may not have a major impact because the population is sparse and most of the area is hilly. Most of the barrage will be located on the riverbed itself. The area adjacent to the project site has coniferous forest, mainly Deodar Pine, Fir and Kail.

7 MW Chananwari Project

Uri near LoC has remained a powerhouse for the NHPC. While Uri-I is functional for more than a decade, Uri-II would go into generation by the end of 2013. SPDC has finally decided to get into the border town with this project under IPP mode in Chandanwari.

There were two bidders for this project bagged by M/S Nazir Hussain Khan as its offering parameters were evaluated by PwC to an NPV of Rs – 17.13 crore, the lowest. While this new company will offer 21% of its generation as free power, it will return the project to the SPDC after 35 years free and no terminal price. As the project falls under sub-25 MW category, it’s per unit tariffs would be evaluated by the SERC later.

The project would use the discharge from Bijhama Nallah that originates from the mountain ranges of Qazinagh springs from an altitude of about 4000 m. It has perennial flow with peak discharge of 5.61 cms and drains into Jhelum near Noorkhan. Its headworks would be set up at Naloosa village as the power station would be set up at Noorkhan hamlet. The project will have three Vertical Axis Francis Turbines of 2.33 MW, each designed to generate 41.95 million units of energy a year. Tentatively, it would cost Rs 56 crore.

The water will be diverted into a low level crated weir and taken through a 1769 m power canal with a capacity to drain 4.94c cms into a forebay. A 12-mm-thick penstock with a fall of 440 meters would trifurcate to feed three turbines. The project would be accessible from Mohra, the heritage project of the state currently under serious consideration for revival.

A Good Beginning

The SPDC had offered bidders that the corporation will purchase the projects back after 35 years at a cost not more than 10 percent of the actual DPR costs. Interestingly, however, all the bidders made offers that they will pay from their side to the corporation after 35 years were completed. In Poonch project that would require an overall investment of Rs 96 crore, for instance, it would fetch SPDC Rs 227 crore and the project.

“We have put in a mechanism that the developer will have to deposit amount regularly with one of our banks accounts so that it equals Rs 227.70 crore when 35 years complete,” MD, SPDC, Basharat Ahmad said. “It has been a good restart.” Basharat said the SPDC is in the process of tendering out another 13 small projects under IPP and 11 of them are exclusively for state subjects. The corporation is planning a gala event with the state investors to encourage them to get into the energy sector.

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