GoI Approves Jobs, Transit Accommodations in Valley for Kashmiri Pandits



The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi Wednesday has given its approval for providing State Government jobs and transit accommodations in the Kashmir Valley for the rehabilitation of Kashmiri migrants involving a total estimated expenditure of Rs 2000 crore.

“Presently there are about 62,000 registered Kashmiri migrant families residing in Jammu, Delhi, NCR and other parts of country,” a PIB statement said.

The statement said, “the new proposal provides for additional 3000 state government jobs to the Kashmiri migrants with financial assistance from the Government of India and to construct transit accommodations in the Kashmir Valley for the Kashmiri migrants to whom state government jobs have been provided/ will be provided. The financial implication in this respect would be borne by the Government of India.”

Earlier in 2008, the statement said, a Package of Rs 1618.40 crore was announced to facilitate the return of the migrants to the Kashmir Valley. Under this package, 3000 State government jobs were to be provided to the Kashmiri migrant with central funding, of whom 1963 jobs have already been provided and process for remaining is underway.

“469 Transit accommodations have been constructed in the Kashmir Valley which have been allotted to the newly appointed migrant employees on sharing basis,” the statement added.


  1. Thanks to the Nariendra Modi bjp+pdp to think about the Kashmiri Migrants who are suffer from last 25 years of exile…exile, of homelessness and refuge. and help to provide jobs and accomodations of 2000 crore.
    I request to the goverment plz think about the over-aged, give him the beneifit of Age- relaxation and also give them Loan to start his business….
    The only kashmiri pandits know how to live without home, we are migrants in our own country…………………………….
    Once again thanks Nariendra modi a goverment of bjp+pdp…Also thanks to Mufti Mohammad sayeed…
    Satish Raina

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