Graveyard of Dead Numbers

By Muhammad Nadeem

Representational Pic

Come here

Here, see

This is Mr 754 shot dead in head


This, here, is Jinab 836

His legs were never found

She is 639. Her body was mutilated


Like a dead dove in the dark forest

Yesterday, a mother came

“Show me my son”


I took her there, at 643,

A new born was supposedly buried there

Here are graves of every age


From new born babies to 165 years old

Sometime we receive only some parts of a body

They are there, under the hanging tree


We never knew their names

But we have numerous of them

Now if your interview is over


I have to dig graves for now and future

As now is dead too

So is dear future!

(Hailing from Batamaloo, Muhammad Nadeem has done his graduation in English and Psychology from Amar Singh College. He is currently pursuing MFA in Creative Writing)


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