Indian Army Should Leave Kashmir, Says Noam Chomsky



Mehboob Makhdoomi and Professor Noam Chomsky during interaction in MIT, USA
Mehboob Makhdoomi and Professor Noam Chomsky during interaction in MIT, USA

Professor Noam Chomsky, the legendary American philosopher and intellectual, has said that the Indian Army should leave Kashmir on face of ‘horrible atrocities’ committed in the region.

Kashmir has had an awful story—especially since late 80’s after that fake election, Prof Chomsky said. “There have been horrible atrocities. Therefore, the Indian Army should leave Kashmir.”

Prof Chomsky who is also a celebrated linguist expressed his views while taking to a Kashmiri author, Mehboob Makhdoomi, in an exclusive interaction in his office at the Massachusetts’s Institute of Technology (MIT), America.

“Indo-Pak conflict is ridiculous for both,” he said. “Both nations should agree to a federal structure which gives more or less Independence for Kashmir.”

Whole expressing his views on Kashmir in India once, Chomsky said he had to take police protection on face of BJP demonstrations.

“Some breakdown in the (Indo-Pak) hostility is the pre-requisite for settlement of Kashmir,” he told Kashmiri author. “Kashmir could be a marvellous place.”

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  1. Professor Chomsky is at his liberty to express his opinion & I would rather advise him to sole the deplorable conditions where the blacks are still being treated as second class of citizens of the USA & make some sincere effort to resolve the same. The Indian government and people are there to counter check the excess committed if any in Jammu & kashmir by the armed forces.In American English, In inadvertent killing of the people during cross firing between terrorist and security force is atrocities where as bombing of the civilian areas by the USAF is collateral damage.

  2. Independence is our ultimate goal, let India try to use all its might against unarmed Kashmiri people it can’t win Kashmir. Nothing less than Azadi accepted, be it today or tomorrow we won’t give up.

  3. Not until there is a region-specific plebiscite and the inhabitants of Jammu and Ladakh regions too are given the choice to determine their fate, just as inhabitants of Kashmir valley are. Until then, this isn’t going anywhere.

  4. Professor Chomsky wishing freedom for Kashmir is only a wish. There is no dearth of people; in the Indian sub-continent who are and have been expressing such wishes even more vociferously, but to what avail. India has forgotten that it also was once slave and was yearning for freedom and cherished the idea of freedom for all in its infancy years. But now it has come of age. Those who knew what subjugation and slavery was are no more. A new creed has cropped up. The idea of freedom has been completely forgotten and it has given way to the rule of might. Might is right is the old adage. But it is a dangerous idea which is going to disintegrate India and bring gloom, doom and misery to its people. No wonder 1/3rd of India is currently red and the other 2/3 is engaged in wiping out the I/3rd forgetting that by State terrorism the 1/3rd is sure to become 2/3rd..


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