Kashmir Root Cause of Tension In South Asia, says Nawaz Sharif



Nawaz Sharief
Nawaz Sharif

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who arrived in US Tuesday on his three-day official visit has highlighted importance of resolution to Kashmir dispute for the lasting and durable harmony in South Asia.

Speaking to Pakistani American community, Sharif said that Pakistan wanted good relations with all its neighbours, including India, and was making sincere efforts for durable peace in the region.

“The entire world knows that Kashmir is the root cause of tension in the region,” said the Prime Minister while referring to the UN resolution on the lingering dispute which calls for giving right of self-determination to the Kashmiri people.

“If we sincerely want to bring peace to the region, we will have to resolve the Kashmir issue.”

Expressing resolve to have cordial ties with all neighbours, PM Sharif said that India’s response to efforts for peace has not been encouraging.


  1. Sorry Mr Prime Minister
    Mr Prime Minister sorry to say You are absolutely wrong .Try to read your history and understand why Pakistan was created .Pakistan was not created for Kashmir. It was created to be homeland for the Muslims of Indian Subcontinent and a place where the golden principles of Islam will be implemented in letter and spirit .There were two ideologies prevailing ie Islamic idelogy based on Tawheed ,Risalah and Aakhirah and the other one based on Hindu mythology .The two civilizations were diametrically opposite each other .Upto 1947 Kashmir was nowhere in the Agenda of Pakistan Movement .Even Muslim League did not exist in Kashmir .Kashmiris movement for their rights is much older than even the conceptualisation of Pakistan .Dozens of kashmiris laid down their live on 13 july 1931 for their rights .At that time Jinnah sb or any other person had no idea of Pakistan.Was He in Congress that time ?
    Mr Prime Minister be honest and sincere with the ideology of Pakistan.Pakistan does not mean a geographical entity (half of which you have already lost in the form of Bangladesh ) .Forget about Kashmir ,It is not your cup of tea .Let kashmiris take care of their own problem and hopefully they will deliver and they should deliver .You have much bigger problems to deal .You have corruption ,Terrorism ,drug traficking .Energy crisis,Anti democracy forces and above all a system based on Injustice .Very recently Your Supreme court has declared a war against Allah by Allowing interest Based business .One is frightened to look at the list of challenges you are facing .Let kashmiris plead their case in an effective manner .Pray for them and provide them moral support, if you can .Kindly do an introspection and Learn from history ,What have you achieved by treading the beaten tracks .You have not been able to do any good for either kashmir or Pakistan -forget about India .This is the time to think coolly

  2. Your comment…thank you PM Nawaz shareef sb. We Kashmiris have only one hope that is of yours. Your government time and again has tried your best to raise the issue at all forums. We hope and expect that India too shows its concern to resolve the issue. But one thing must be clear that India’s reluctant due to pressure exerted over by the Hindutva dominated forces, that should be contained.

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