Kashmiri Students Develop A Pulse Feeling Glove

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Four Kashmiri students currently perusing their students in a Punjab education institution have designed a “Life Saving Glove” that could help cardiac patients have their pulse rate detected automatically. All the four students have engineering background and have collaborated with the institutes nursing and medical staff to make this happen.

The students were identified as Showkat, Danish, Ishfaq and Adil (all B Tech ECE students) who were mentored by their teachers in the process. The Nursing team members included Rashpal Kaur, Alisha Khanna and Sonia (all from Punjab).

The glove to be worn by the patient possesses a technology that will check the pulse rate of the patient at frequent intervals. Any exceptional change in pulse rate caused due to cardiac disease which is beyond the standard limit will be detected by the glove. It can call or generate an SMS to a doctor or a relative of patient automatically. This will enable timely attention to the patient.

The glove, according to Showkat works both on the battery and power supply. It also envisages a SIM card which works under the GSM (Global System for Mobile) module. The contact number of doctor and relative of patient are recorded in micro controller and can be changed by simple modification in the programme. Danish, another boy who was part of the project, said the glove can have a link to an LCD which can display the heartbeat of the patient in terms of numerals.

Kashmiri boys and Punjabi girls who worked on the glove incurred Rs 25,000 on the project and working for around 40 days. Though the glove is currently wired, the students are improving it to become wireless for any commercial use. The institute has given the group a one lakh rupees grant to improve the glove further.


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