Mistaken Identity

Induced tranquil around pretends

Scene of my capitulate truism

 Hang on a second, my Jury!

When was I liberated to express this compulsion?


Perhaps one more manufactured narrative

Is inducing minds with opium

Anyways, they call me radical now

Since I don’t bow down to their crafty ploys


Whatever they conclude

I keep on shouldering Mistaken Identity

In or outside Vale

Eye balls never shy to turn on


Placid I am, but they nourished

An enigmatic dissenter in me

 Please don’t perceive me threat to invented calm

My pacifist has set standards!


Return me what belongs to me: I only asked

But your magnanimity bashed gaberlunzie

 Today fear psychosis is devouring my ease

Hail your super vigil


You all are ingrate souls: you label us

Hence collective bad name never shrugs off

Still looming large is that zoom

That always projects me, other side


Wow! This is awesome parameter of perception

Yours’ is valid, Mine is blunder!

Between, what made you so sure of your supreme say

Beware! Doomsayers are never far away


And when persecution would dawn

Identities then resurrect with command

All Frames, designs and ploys 

Would perish and thus, no more insults follow




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