Official website of Congress mouthpiece hacked by ‘Anonymous Kashmir’

KL Desk


The official website of congress mouthpiece, monthly Hindi journal, ‘Congress Yuva Sandesh’, has been hacked by some “Anonymous Kashmir” and it displays many “messages” to India.

 “You Don’t Want People Of Kashmir You Only Want Land Of Kashmir,” reads a message.

The website with the background music of Kashmir’s top and famous rapper, MC Kash, now displays anti- India messages and slogans.

 “Recently You Desrespected Quran Majeed In Gool Area Of Ramban District And Beat Imam Of Masjid To Death. When People Heared About It And Started Peacefull Protests Aganist It …..You Opened Fire On Innocent People Which Leads To Death Of 9 Persons and Injured 52 persons.When You Will Finish Your Illegal Occupation????” The hackers wrote on the website while mentioning the Gool incident.

They further wrote, “Every Day Kashmiri Shout For Injustice….Every Day A Kashmiri Saying Save Me Save Me. But No 1 Is Hearing. Recently You Hanged Shahhed Afzal Guru For No Reason???Y Only Injustice With People Of kashmir?Not Only You Hanged Him But U Also Hanged Shaheed Maqbool Bhat. This Is Not Yet Finish ? You Forget You Killed Two Persons at ganderbal for no reason? when u will do justice with people of kashmir? When A Kashmiri Is Raising Voice Aganist Your Injustice He Is Either Killed Or Booked Under P.s.a….Thousands Of Kashmiri People Are Arrested And Brutally Tortured Some Lost Their Eyes,Some Lost Their Legs & Some Got Killed Do You Think A Kashmiri Will Forget these Things……How …how….You Are Expecting A Kashmiri Will Say I m Resident Of India…..Its Clear You Don’t Want People Of Kashmir You Only Want Land Of Kashmir.”


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