Omar Erodes Base of NC, Time Will Reveal Who is How Much Important: Goni

KL Report


Mohammad Aslam Goni, former political secretary to National Conference patron and union minister  Dr Farooq Abdullah, on Friday said that he was compelled by ‘circumstances’ to leave the National Conference and join the Congress.

Talking to KNS, Goni alleged that NC at present has undermined its basic principles and that the party is losing its base in the state on every day. “I was very uncomfortable and was feeling suffocated as they are eroding the party’s base,” said Goni.

He further accused NC of ‘disrespecting’ the party workers and not listening to the party men.

Goni further mentioned that he has sacrificed 29 years of his life to strengthen NC. “I can only say that what I have done for this party; there is no other existing member in NC who could claim to have done that.” Goni further claimed that he was recommended for the post of High Court judge but he sacrificed it for the sake of the party. “They told me to contest elections and I did not give second thought and did what the party wanted me to do.”

He further accused the NC leadership of changing stands and alleged that NC has eroded the basic concept for which it was established.

“They sometimes praise Modi and sometimes BJP that normally a man like me cannot except, mujhe chamcha gari nahi aati.”

Goni further alleged that the NC has surrendered its principles and that the party can do anything for ‘acquiring power’.

“They are in coalition with the congress and at the same time they are criticizing the party, what can I say, I am not able to reveal everything, I cannot.” He further accused that the way of functioning of NC is not that one for which he joined the party.

Accusing Chief Minister Omar Abdullah of overlooking the vitality of the party base, Goni said that from the last five years, Omar has not for a single time visited any far flung area and listened to peoples’ voice.

“Ask this chief minister how much time have you given to the people who actually need you.”  Goni further stated that he always emphasised that the leadership should spent time in the constituencies and resolve the problems of the masses.  “By merely sitting in the Sher-e-Kashmir Bhawan and you think that you could win the seat in Poonch, Rajouri or Bhaderwah is not possible.”

The new entrant to Congress told KNS that the NC has completely turned a ‘blind-eye’ towards the apathy of its workers and that it has not done anything satisfactory for them. “Go and ask 200 workers of NC that are they satisfied with the functioning of the party?” Asked Goni.

Expressing serious concern over the appointment of Provincial presidents for Jammu and Srinagar, Goni said that they (Provincial presidents) do not have any qualifications to occupy such prestigious positions. “I will oppose Omar Abdullah but I will only say that you have transgressed the limits of childish acts and that is destroying the party badly. “

Commenting on the forthcoming assembly elections in the state, Goni who is joining congress on October 20-21 in the formal function said that the established fact about the result of the polls is that NC would stand on the number 3rd.

Terming his relation with the NC patron Farooq Adullah ‘strong and emotional’ Goni said that he always in the past informed the party leaders about their ‘wrong decisions’. “This is unfortunate that the people in power do not digest constructive criticism.” Goni further mentioned that if he is not important for the party, why NC is raising such hue and cry. “Time will reveal who is how much important, other people in the party are the employees and are there for salaries.”


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