Omar not happy with the formation of Telangana

KL Report


Expressing discontent over the division of Andhra Pradesh, Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir on Tuesday said that this is a dangerous trend and it is giving out a message that new states are being created in response to prolonged agitations.

“I am not in favour because I believe states like Jammu and Kashmir, even with their diversity, their being one is very important. But this sort of precedent we are setting of creating states on the basis of agitation, Telangana is a state created on the basis of an agitation. It is not created on the basis of any recommendation of any states’ reorganisation commission. I believe this is a very dangerous trend because all we are doing is sending a message out that if you agitate enough and if you agitate long enough, you will create a state,” he said.

The Telangana movement was organized to support the creation of a new state from the existing state of Andhra Pradesh. The long-standing demand of the people behind the movement has been that a separate state was the only solution to ending the neglect and exploitation of the region.


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