Pro-freedom camp doesn’t need any advice from selfish politicians: Malik tells Beigh

KL Report


Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik Thursday asked the pro-India leaders and politicians who were ‘missing’ during devastating flood and are today advising pro-resistance camp to stop its resistance and work for the welfare of flood hit people.

 “Pro-freedom camp has worked like labourers for their flood devastated brothers and sisters and don’t need any advice of these selfish politicians,” Malik said while commenting on a recent statement by PDP leader Muzaffar Beigh in which he had advice pro freedom camp to halt its activities and work for the welfare of people.

“People of Kashmir know who worked for their welfare during recent floods. It was none other than the freedom camp who worked like labourers to rescue thousands of stranded people, and reached to them with relief and necessary things to them. It was freedom camp that arranged community kitchens for flood hit people and even worked as sweepers to clear garbage from flood hit areas,” he said.

“Pro-freedom camp kept its political struggle apart and worked for the welfare of the people for which they deserve appreciation but on the other hand it was pro India camp that left people at the mercy of nature and ran away to Jammu and Delhi. People of Kashmir today want to know from these selfish politicians that where have they been during hard times and what is the moral authority with which these politicians drowned in the lust for power talk of the welfare of the people,” Malik added.

The JKLF chairman claimed that from National Conference to PDP, Congress to BJP and others, all stand exposed before the people of Kashmir today. “Muzafar Beigh and his party should answer a plain question that if they have so much of love for the people of flood hit Kashmir, why are they celebrating mandate giving and making rejoice are celebrations on daily basis. People know that these politicians can go down to any limit for the lust power and authority,” he said.

Malik added that among these pro India politicians somebody is just “making lip servicing, somebody is shedding tears on twitter and some are showing their love for Kashmiris through news interviews etc.”

He said that people of Kashmir are today devastated by a natural catastrophe but in these hard times also this nation knows better about its well-wishers and those who are only making dramas. Malik also questioned those news papers and news agencies which are publishing these interviews etc and contributing in enhancing PR of these pro India politicians and said that at a time when Kashmiris need action more than lip servicing what is the fun behind these PR interviews.


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