Pulwama shuts on seventh consecutive day against killings


A complete shutdown is being observed in south Kashmir’s Pulwama district on Friday for the seventh straight day against the killings of seven civilians and three militants on last Saturday.

All shops and other commercial establishments are closed in town while public transport is off the roads.

Heavy deployment of police and paramilitary CRPF was made at various places in Pulwama town to thwart any possible protests.

The district’s trader fraternity had called for a protest after Friday prayers after which a memorandum-demanding inquiry into the killings would be submitted to Deputy Commissioner.

On Saturday, seven civilians were killed and over 35 others injured after government forces fired at the protesters near the site of a gunfight that left three militants and a soldier dead in Sarnoo village of Pulwama.


  1. Why dont the abdulas, muftis, gandis tell the Tamaashbeen to stay INDOORS when an Encounter is taking place with the Indian Army?
    Why do all these Jokers React After People have been hurt? But they Never Go to the People of the Valley to Educate them about the Dangers of taking PUNGA with the Indian Army? The Indian Army is not the police, nor is it the crpf or cisf … The Indian Army is a Totally Pro Unit Trained to KILL the Enemy without Remorse to Ensure the Integrity of India.
    Therefore, jokers like abdulas, muftis, gandis, lone-blown, geelani, malik, mirwaiz, instead of going to the houses of those killed; they should educate the AWAAM of the dangers of taking a PUNGA with the Indian Army. But then the LUCRATIVE Business Module of Death & Mayhem will Fail. So these Jokers keep the Valley Pot Boiling. And a few kashmiri Tamaashbeen keep getting hurt. Stay INDOORS Guys when an Encounter is taking place with the Indian Army …. Allah ka Vaasta hai … dont get hurt please. Your Life is Precious to Us. Dont Waste It.
    The Youth of the World is Restless. Whether it is america & trump OR england & brexit OR france and europe with yellow vests. Does that mean you will pick up Gun against the State or indulge in Arson, Looting, Robbery, Burn … ?
    The Valley has an Alibi of azadi which is nothing more than a Dhanda of Rs 200/day for pelting stones, etc and Interference of the neighbouring Rogue pakis.
    The World Refuses to Even Spit on pakis. You jokers want US to talk to those PIGS? We have spoken more than enough with them during the last 70 years.
    Let the hurriyat ka Dhanda karne wale go and sit in hafiz saeeds godi. Your time is gonna come … let Modi come back with the 2nd Term. In the meantime, behave yourself and avoid getting hurt. Why do you wail & whine when you get hurt after pelting stones at the Indian Army? The Indian Soldier Too has a Family back Home. He is Not in the Valley out of choice. He is in the Valley out of Necessity to Ensure the Integrity of India.
    The same Tamaashbeen drove out 3 lac peaceful native pundits out of the Valley 28 years ago. We Will Never Forget! You Guys Better BEWARE!
    And Lots & Lots of Love and Best Wishes to my Indian Kashmiris of the Valley. May Allah Grant Sad-Buddhi to abdullas, muftis, gandis, militants, separatists, stone pelters.
    The Valley Political Joker speaks in one language when s/he is in Power or in New Delhi BUT they sing absolutely a different tune when they are out of Power or when they are in the Valley.

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