Kashmir’s first literary festival hit by controversy
(August 12, 2011)
Organisers face criticism that ‘apolitical’ event in the disputed Indian state is an ‘exercise in propaganda’, Jason Burke reports.

Kashmir in the collective imagination
(August 14, 2011)
Non-Kashmiris have a complex conception of the valley, seen as a crystallisation of ideologies that led to partition, writes Asad Hashim.

The Kashmir-Afghanistan puzzle
(August 18, 2011)
The trust deficit between India and Pakistan is not only toxic to Kashmir but has broader ramifications in South Asia, writer Mujib Mashal

A mother’s tragedy
(August 01, 2011)
Nabza Bano lost her three sons and her home to the conflict, reports Majid Maqbool.

Kashmir: The Pandit question
(August 01, 2011)
Al Jazeera speaks to author Mridu Rai about how the minority Hindu community fits into the Kashmir dispute.

Kashmir: South Asia’s Palestine
(August 01, 2011)
Indian and Pakistani narratives on Kashmir have been honed over decades, but why is the issue so crucial to both states? Repots Imran Khan

Kashmir: Before and after the politicians
(August 05, 2011)
Last September a delegation of Indian politicians visited Kashmir, but is the subsequent calm merely an illusion?  Writes Divya Gopalan

Wind in the willows: A cricket bat paradise
(August 2, 2011)
Behind the towering willows, Kashmir’s cricket bat industry is a living, breathing symbol of the conflict, repots Azad Essa

Vested interests no excuse for inaction in Kashmir dispute
(Aug 18, 2011)
After three tumultuous and violent summers, this year in Kashmir has been relatively quite, defying prognostications of unrest. But this deceptive calm may be a mirage, and could easily be broken by the anger that is simmering beneath, reports Murtaza Shibli.
Villager number nine
(August 01, 2011)
For some Kashmiris, the conflict means being reduced to a number in an Indian army register, reports
Majid Maqbool

Kashmir and the politics of water
(August 01, 2011)
At the heart of the Kashmir conflict is the water insecurity of two countries with rapidly growing populations, writes Ayesha Siddiqi.

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