Sine Qua Non…

By Muhammad Nadeem




The door is behind this dust

Just there! One more step!

Your eyes are heavy, I know

Dust is making the looking blur

Peek through the almost closed eyes

Don’t slow down, you’re there!


This dust won’t settle down

This wild wind won’t end

This strong storm won’t stop

This sultry sun won’t sympathise

Unless you open the door

With the key in your hand

Hold the grip tight and move on


There is cool elixir of solace

To quench the thirst of solitude

Peaceful eyes to greet

All smiles to hug!


There is happiness you cry for

There is freedom you die for

One more step forward

And you’re slave, no more!


(Hailing from Batamaloo, Muhammad Nadeem has done his graduation in English and Psychology from Amar Singh College. He is currently pursuing MFA in Creative Writing)

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