Sunderbani Tensions: Rajouri Delegation Meets Mufti

Riyaz Ul Khaliq



Pir Panchal Delegation

Chief Minister Mufti Muhammad Sayeed Tuesday assured a delegation of 16 members from Pir Panchal region that their concerns regarding construction of Masjid, Madrassa Board, salaries to employees of regional Auqaf and other issues will be addressed soon.

Ghulam Rasool, Khateeb Central Jamia Masjid, Rajouri, who was part of the delegation, told Kashmir Life that CM Mufti Sayeed gave a patient hearing to them and assured addressal of their issues.

Giving details, Khateeb said, “people in Sunderbani town, housing the tehsil headquarter, had started construction of Masjid near shrine of Syed Peer Ali Shah (RA) which was stopped by some activists of Shiv Sena and allied groups.”

“They (Shiv Sena group) stopped the work saying they can’t listen to our obligatory prayers (Azaan) and the matter went to court which gave decision in favour of Auqafia Islamia, Rajouri,” Khateeb informed.

Muslims are a minority in Sunderbani. “Mufti Sahab told us that (now) he has listened to our version of the incident and they (Government) shall listen to those who have reservation with the construction of Masjid,” Khateeb Gh Rasool said.

Sunderbani headquarter falls between Rajouri and Jammu. Locals said that since the movement on Mughal Road increased – as people from Kashmir also go to Jammu through this road, the ‘significance’ of Syed Peer Ali Shah (RA) Shrine ‘increased’. “The footfall of the people visiting the shrine increased,” one the locals wishing to remain anonymous said.

“So,” he added, “the Mutwaalis (Care Takers) of the shrine and locals decided to build a Masjid for prayers as the need arose.

The locals further said that because the land around the shrine belonged to local Auqaf so construction started way back in winters.

“We had completed Masjid up to Lanters (above windows but without concrete Slab) level but suddenly in May Shiv Sena came and stopped the work,” he  said.

He said Muslims of the region felt hurt; “We, last Friday in all Masjids of Rajouri, announced that all community members will move to Sunderbani if completion of work is not allowed.” They have already gone to the court and were in Srinagar to apprise the Chief Minister.


  1. In our primary classes we were taught that india is a secular state,where every one has it’s right to practice his/her own religion.But here the story is totally different.
    KL.,plz do bring out a detailed story on this.i have heard this is only the tip of ice berg.the situation is more worse.

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