‘Tear Gas Shell a Lethal Weapon,’ says Doctors Body, Condemns HMT Killing



Gowhar Nazir
Gowhar Nazir

Condemning the killing of 22 year old boy, Gowhar Nazir Dar, on Saturday at HMT by forces, Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) Sunday termed this brutal act as “cold blooded murder”.

Expressing distress over killing of youth, DAK president, Dr Nisar ul Hassan, said, “security forces have crossed all lines of inhumanity. The barbaric killing of this young engineering student makes it clear that young generation in Kashmir are wiped out in a well-planned conspiracy.”

“Youth are being targeted and we are losing them like autumn leaves. The future of a nation rests on the shoulders of these young ones but killing them makes our future bleak,” he said in a DAK statement.

“We cannot be mute spectators to this incessant bloodshed of our future generation. We have an obligation to raise our voice against this mad pattern of atrocities to do the least,” he said.

The DAK further said that the use of tear gas canisters is lethal. “They have blinded many of our brothers and sons and have taken the life of many sole bread earners, widowed many wives and orphaned many children,” the statement quoting Dr Nisar said.

“The tear gas shells terribly maim and disrupt human life, turning the lives of injured into half-lives. The fallacy of non-lethality of tear gas shells has become obvious and there is no justification of their use,” he said. “The use of tear gas shells on unarmed civilians is inhuman and violates the basic norms of human rights. It is agonizingly painful that Kashmiris are not allowed to raise voice against the atrocities done on them.

Kashmir is caged where patients are not allowed to seek consultations in hospitals and even doctors are not allowed to go for their duties.”

The statement further said, “protesting against any odd is a human instinct. People protest in one way or the other, which is allowed everywhere, but here in Kashmir giving vent to our emotions costs our lives.”


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