Tempered Juice: ‘After being Closed Down, City Trader’s Shop Operates Normally’

Riyaz ul Khaliq



With Jammu and Kashmir government banning Rani Juice and advising people to avoid its consumption till further orders, people of the state feel they are “in a swindle”.

Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution department on the complaint of a Srinagar resident raided a Juice dealer at Kanitar Lalbazaar area of Srinagar and found the date of “expiry being tempered with and juice cans were swallowed”.

The complainant had purchased the juice tins from The Irfan Enterprises at Kanitar. “The juice tins burst aloud in my house,” the complainant told Kashmir Life.

“After the tins bursted someone sitting around me told me to check the date of expiry on the tins and to my shock I found the dates were tampered with.”

As soon he found the fraud he reported it to the Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution Department Srinagar which raided the shop and found his complaint genuine.

The consumer affairs department raided the said shop and initially closed it but then, for the reasons known to them, “allowed the said shop to reopen and operate normally”.

Locals also claim that the said trader has been indulging in “these frauds for a long time now”. “I once purchased biscuits from the said shop and when I reached home I found the date of expiry on the biscuits tempered with. I couldn’t report it to any authority, since the shopkeeper is my neighbour,” said a local of Kanitar on conditions of anonymity.

Many traders claim that the said shopkeeper gives “much discount on the juice and soft drink products” that even distributors and stockists are surprised. “He has been selling soft drinks for rupees five less than the printed price on the bottle. We fail to understand how is that possible,” alleged some traders in the vicinity of the shop.

People have been demanding to close the said shop for he is indulging in selling degraded and expired food items which may cause a serious health threat to the locals.

“We fail to understand why his shop was first closed and then reopened again. He may have bribed the officials,” alleged a group of locals.


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