This Life of Hellish Creep

Jasif Malik

My soul, my body, dwells the Devil,
My tongue, my heart, screams Evil,
Its sweet taste tempt me to haste,
To sink into the deepening level,
Of Dark and Sombre well of Evil.

The way its Pain Relieves Me,
The way its Love Believes Me,
The way it shows me to Flee,
To Infinity from my Destiny,
The way its Love makes me Glee,
Only just gripping my Heart,
Leaving it with its parts apart.

Love of Evil cloaks good deed,
Hypnopompic I in its Haze,
Lunatic I went for its Craze,
Creating a rift from the Medicine I need,
Keeping my eyes solely to bleed,
And This worldly Heaven like greed,
Vains every tear I bleed.

This dark of Evil is so deep,
Ordering me into an unordered Heap,
Of unknown and draconian precious,
No one finds it gracious,
That is left for Theft,
That is left for soil,
Its averse to good, lets it spoil,
And then no one there is to weep,
For this Hellish Creep.

Intemerate this soothing Evil made me ill,
Lust of sweet fire made me birl,
And the black invisible mark I got,
To decorate my only uncherished Heart,
Someday where Devil will drill,
An abyss serving sins a mill,
So the life there will nill.

There this life feels a Kiss,
There this life has no Bliss,
Then on no one will miss,
This Life of Hellish Creep,
And the Loved one’s never will weep,
For that Evil-doer Hellish Creep.

(Jasif Malik is engineering student at IUST)


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