Vodafone Launches ‘Choose Your Number’ Facility

KL Report


Vodafone India, will now allow individuals to choose from their favourite number combination as their mobile number.

‘Choose Your Number’ facility has been extended to the pre paid customers of Jammu and Kashmir. Through this option, customers would now be able to select a number of their choice without paying any additional cost for it.

Earlier, a customer had an option only to pick from the numbers available at the Vodafone store/mini-store or retail point but with the ‘Choose your Number’ facility, the customers will be able to choose from 3-10 digit in length as they desire in any of the Vodafone store/mini-store or select retail point. That number could be a combination of his birthday, child’s birthday, marriage anniversary, vehicle registration number, house number etc.

Asit Shekhar, Business Head, Punjab, HP and J&K, Vodafone India said, “We have always endeavoured to provide value and delight to our customers with innovative offerings. ‘Choose Your Number’ will allow the prepaid customers to create and provide an identity to their mobile number by giving it a combination of their important days”.



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