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Drabu Direction

Economist Haseeb Drabu’s maiden budget as Finance Minister is being projected as the new Bible of the PDP-BJP coalition. Given…

Drabu’s Maiden Budget Speech

KL Report JAMMU Honorable Speaker, I rise to present the Annual Financial Statements relating to the Receipts and Expenditure for…

Have a Nice Stay Sir!

Despite enjoying freebies worth crores, lawmakers drain the system by turning defaulters when it comes to pay back. Syed Asma…

Public Finance
Budget 2014 -15

 With the fiscal deficit under control and the overall growth rate better than the national average, J&K is anticipating to…

No case for taxman

A Supreme Court order has shagged off the taxman from the backs of industrialists and on the way saving them…

MS Moneybag

Every time Prime Minister Manmohan Singh lands in Kashmir, he makes promises to change the socio-economic discourse by pumping resource…

Budgeting Next Fiscal

J&K’s yearly requirement for funds are increasing with every passing year. But the interesting part is that while the devolution from the…

The Government’s Armies

J&K government is the employer of the last resorts in the state that is suffering from comparatively high unemployment rate…

Earning Margins

The thumb rule in J&K is that intervention in the policy framework triggers pressures from vested interests within and outside…

Public Finance
The budget business

As the state legislature is debating the grants of the individual ministries, Kashmir Life offers basics of the budget 2012-13…

Public Finance
2011-12: The Revised Estimates

The total budgetary receipts are placed at Rs 31,022 crore in the Revised Estimates in comparison to the Budget Estimates of Rs 31,212 crore. The total receipts consist of Rs 25,513 crore as revenue receipts and Rs 5,509 crore as capital receipts.

Public Finance
Annual Plan 2012-13

The Planning Commission of India has yet to formally determine the size of the Twelfth Five Year Plan, which, when finalized, will also give us a firm idea about the likely size of our successive annual plans for the coming five years.

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Fiscal Initiatives

VAT on food grains
I had apprised the Hon’ble Members last year that several states are charging VAT at rates, ranging from 4% to 5%, on atta, maida, suji, besan, paddy and rice etc. In consideration of last year’s rising food inflation as an All India phenomenon, I had deferred my proposal to bring these items under the VAT net and announced the continuation of exemption from the levy of VAT on these commodities upto 31st March, 2012.