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Part of Kashmir’s history was dominated by the debate on rights and the liberties that individuals can avail. This section has exhaustive reportage of individuals and incidents that keep the debate going on.

Human Rights
A Painful Passage

After many suicides, deaths and heart attacks of the PaK women settled in Kashmir post-2014, there was a first divorce…

Murder Memories

Hours after a militant attack in Dialgam, the soldiers barged into a few houses in the locality and dragged out…

Human Rights
A Master Battle

More than two decades after his two brothers including a medical doctor were killed in cold blood by an Ikhwan…

Red Calendar

With the overall death toll highest in a decade, Aaqib Hyder does not foresee any shift in the next year…

Human Rights
A Body Snatcher

Nobody knows about the body-bags he might have filled during his Kashmir posting. But Major Gogoi, who was finally sent…

Molvi’s Murder

It has been years since the only brother of five Ganderbal sisters was murdered in a distant Rajasthan town where…

Human Rights
Horror In Hawoora

A good boy’s sweet dream sent the entire village to clear the graveyard from weeds and shrubs and minutes later…

Human Rights
Driven Over

Last week, Kashmir witnessed another harrowing clip of a killing recorded by some citizen journalist. Saima Bhat visited the family…

Human Rights
Juvenile culling?

The most vulnerable section of the demography in a conflict situation is women. But children also have their share of…

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