Author Khalid Bashir Gura

A Mass Communication and Journalism postgraduate from the University of Kashmir, Khalid is a writer by choice and a journalist by chance.

Cover Story

Jungle Outreach

After the drastic drives of “evicting” the forest “encroachers”, when an expert team visited the…


Exceptional Carver

One of Srinagar’s oldest craftsmen, Ghulam Nabi Dar’s designs on the wood remain unmatched for…

Life Story

Against All Odds

Despite losing his right arm at 10, Sayer Abdullah, 23, now drives an SUV and goes on…


Mutton Hunger

When the Wazwaan country is deprived of its staple food, it is a crisis for…


A Perfect Plot

Khalid Bashir Gura reviews Mystery of the Urban Monks, the debut novel by banker-writer from…


Tourists Return?

After 18 months of hiatus, the tourist footfalls have started surging in Kashmir. Insiders in…

Cover Story

Melody In Music

Mixing modern melody with prose and poetry, Kashmir’s new-age singers and musicians have resurrected folk…

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