SRINAGAR: In an unexpected turn of events on the troubled national highway NH44, stranded travellers found a unique way to pass the time amidst a lengthy traffic jam. Despite NH44’s reputation as a superior highway, its condition has been declining due to rough patches, unstable mountains, and susceptibility to weather-induced disruptions.

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The recent incident unfolded on Monday, April 22, when a traffic snarl, compounded by the weather conditions triggered landslides at many places. Those caught in the jam were a busload of Srinagar-bound tourists. Faced with hours of waiting and boredom, the travellers took matters into their own hands and transformed the stagnant scene into a lively performance.

Witnesses marvelled as the stranded tourists, undeterred by the inconvenience, emerged from their vehicles and began singing and dancing on the deserted highway. Their impromptu entertainment quickly attracted the attention of hundreds of truckers and commuters, offering a welcome distraction from the monotony of the traffic standstill.

Despite the unusual circumstances, the spontaneous performance garnered admiration from onlookers who were initially puzzled by the unexpected entertainment amidst the chaos. For a brief hour, the roadside spectacle provided a sense of camaraderie and uplifted spirits among those trapped on NH44, proving that even in the face of adversity, creativity and unity prevail.


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