About Us

Kashmir Life was launched in 2009 as a weekly with an avowed objective to create a world class news product for Kashmir and about Kashmir. Given the changes in the news market in which the larger events becomes crunchy bites on TV or snippets to suit a reader-in-hurry, we practice an exhaustive, in-depth and narrative form of journalism on issues concerning various facets of life in Kashmir.

Since 2009, the newsroom has been consistently hunting the trend setting developments that usually lack glamour to analyse it and explain its relevance to our readers. Our reporters have been following events, individuals and institutions in Kashmir to see how they impact the life and generate data that is not only a detailed record of history – distant and contemporary – but also an acknowledgement and appreciation of the talent that Kashmir society produces.

We encourage staff to spend adequate time in understanding and researching issues so that their reports become a reference for researchers and policy makers in such a way that news is properly linked to knowledge. This makes the initiative a desk-driven exercise in which every single idea is published after debating and discussing it in the newsroom. By and large, the emphasis remains more on reportage and less on opinion.

Every week, there are profiles of new businesses, enterprises, initiatives and diverse talents that helps a embattled society to have grassroots role-models who motivate and sometimes provoke others to follow suit and contribute to the overall socio-economic change. Kashmir Life reports extensively on the governance, statecraft and the policy making and its failures in a society that has historically remained in turmoil for more than two decades.