SRINAGAR: Kashmir’s Foreign Medical Graduates (FMG) currently undertaking internships at various medical colleges throughout Jammu and Kashmir are seeking stipends equivalent to that of Indian Medical Graduates (IMGs). They held a peaceful demonstration on Saturday displaying signs outlining their demands.

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The FMGs expressed frustration with what they perceive as selective enforcement of guidelines by the administration.

One of the protesting medicos, Dr Sadaf said that despite completing their MBBS studies abroad, they contribute equally to the workload alongside their counterparts. However, they are not receiving the stipend, contrary to directives from the NMC and the Supreme Court. The practice, she said, has been in vogue for almost a year now.

The doctors pointed out that while authorities discuss potential implementation for future batches, they are left without compensation during their crucial internship period, where they work exhaustive 24-hour shifts.

The group underscored their discontent with the administration’s promises of a prolonged process, insisting on immediate action. They clarified that their demand is not for additional privileges but for what is rightfully theirs. Comparing their situation with FMGs in Assam who receive a stipend of Rs 30,000, they lamented the reluctance of authorities to provide even Rs 12,000.


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