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Tulbul Revived?

After the failure of the last round of bilateral talks between India and Pakistan over the controversial Tulbul Navigation Lock,…

Compulsive disengagement

With domestic political compulsions leaving India and Pakistan unable to come to any agreement on less contentious issues like Sir…

Engaging the Generals

Resumption of diplomatic engagements between India and Pakistan may not be helpful unless, experts say, India talks directly to the Pakistan military. Iftikhar Gilani reports.

Nominal democracy

Skipping burning corruption issues in the country, the Congress president talked Kashmir at the AICC session this week. Iftikhar Gilani…

Exploring deadlock

The India Pakistan dialogue seems to have broken before it was restarted, but Indian side suggests its agenda was exploratory…

Reducing trust deficit

India and Pakistan foreign secretaries’ meet at Islamabad has not made much headway though the two have prepared the ground…

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