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Sleeping on blood

by YounisKaloo Barring nurses’ counter, the lone doctor on the night shift in the Emergency Ward of Sher-I-Kashmir Institute of…

Using Social Media In Academia

by Dr Khurshid Ahmad Tariq Life is witnessing a continuous transition, so does the means and modes of communication. Technology…

De-motivating Teachers

by Sheikh Shabir Teaching is a very difficult profession. It consumes the energy of teachers, needs hard-work, patience and passion. True,…

Shujaat, My Friend

by Munir-ul-Islam In my official position as Director Information at times Shujaat would at times get annoyed with me. My…

Ramadan Fitness

by Asif Ali People nowadays are very much aware of the significance of fitness in the daily life. There is…

Let Jinnah Stay Back

by Dr Altaf Hussain Para The disturbances and uproar in Aligarh Muslim University followed by assaults on its students by…

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