by Asif Ali

People nowadays are very much aware of the significance of fitness in the daily life. There is a huge difference between the eleven months of the daily calendar and the month of Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting.

Keeping track of your fitness in this blessed month is very important. Undoubtedly, it is a month wherein one’s self-restraint from many kinds of evils whether it is the unhealthy approach towards diet, behaviour or humanity. A person controls his self from so many activities especially his inner self. In terms of nutrition automatically dieting habit reshuffles as the fasting starts from dawn to dusk whereby a person abstains from the unhealthy diet procedure and unhealthy foods like junk foods.

People are very much unaware of the fitness style to be followed in this month. There is a general wrongdoing that after long hours of fasting, maximum people indulge in the huge diet at the Iftaar breakfast. They eat disastrously which leads to many ill effects like dizziness, tiredness, low energy feeling, and disturbed digestion. Simple Iftaar diet needs to be followed which can be best started by taking dates. The desert fruit is highly recommended because it is a nutritious thing. The body also requires water for hydration. These two things keep the body in good energy level and fit as well. A protein-rich diet is also beneficial.

Asif Ali (Fitness Trainer)

Abruptly skipping of exercise schedule in this month is wrong. Nevertheless, a fasting person builds good health and good physique but saying no to the gym is also not a good decision lest different workouts are recommended and need to be followed this month. Fast and weight loss workouts like treadmill, cycling, cross-fit exercise can be skipped but saying no to full training schedule in this month can lead to bad shape. The blessed month makes a person to abstain from health-hazardous habits like smoking, and unbalanced diet.

So, people must go for the workouts in lighter mode and avoid some things like oversleeping, eating junk food, and cold drinks. There are different types of schedule in Ramadan work out. You can alternatively work out with three parts each or you can do daily workout.

(Author is a management graduate who is a fitness trainer.)


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