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Off late, Jammu and Kashmir has emerged as the major player in helping young men and women to have their own ventures and start-ups. This section features the most successful players who have evolved into role models in a state that has a comparatively higher unemployment rate.

Poultry In Pain

Almost half of the poultry farms in Lassipora are shut as others have reduced their rearing capacity. The sector requires…

Dial For A Gift

She was in the MBA classroom when she started her business from her upmarket residence. She takes orders for gifts…

Entrepreneurship Tajamul Khan - Pulse - Literal Techie
Literal Techie

A young man who studied literature for his parents and computer to satisfy his technology drive is happy that he…

A Kazak In Kashmir

She was studying in Kazakhstan where she fell in love with a Kashmiri medical student. Finally, they landed in Kashmir…

Ideas Matter

It took a 10-member jury to travel 23 days across Jammu and Kashmir and listen to the ideas that young…

Corn on the go

A simple idea that came outside a movie theater in Qatar helped two engineer friends introduce sweet corn carts in…

Smart Technique

A young man who studied industrial techniques in the state-run polytechnic college skipped a job hunt and instead set up…

Desert Apples

They are only four people who operated from a small office outside Leh’s airport. With an active support system within…

Cover Story
The Silken Knot

Vested interest, negative policy interventions, market shifts and nature intervened in the unmaking of world’s biggest silk factory in Kashmir.…

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