by Shahzad Wagay

SRINAGAR: In the village of Gundpora Rampora, part of Bandipora, lives 27-year-old Muntazir Nisar with his two visually impaired siblings.

Muntazir’s birth brought the revelation of his inability to see, surprising his family but instead of despair, they embraced hope, determined to navigate through the challenges of his education. Muntazir, despite his visual impairment, graduated and is now pursuing a master’s degree, crediting the support of family and friends.

His interest in singing led him to learn the harmonium in his village and later in Srinagar from Raja Bilal, a preserver of Kashmiri folk music. Travelling to Srinagar presented challenges, but Muntazir’s devoted mother accompanied him. Faisal Ali Dar, known for sports and youth development in the North Kashmir district also played a crucial role, providing Muntazir with a harmonium and a Casio keyboard, marking a transformative moment in his musical journey.

Under Raja Bilal’s guidance, Muntazir composed a Gazal, singing a piece written by his maternal uncle. Faisal’s assistance extended to video production, leading to widespread acclaim when released by the District Commissioner of Bandipora in 2021.

Muntazir Nisar, a visually impaired singer from Bandipora (KL Image- Shahzad Wagay)

Discovering ‘Accessible Music Production’ online, Muntazir set up a home studio, relying on screen readers and keyboards. His unique approach challenges norms, proving that determination can overcome obstacles. Muntazir concluded, “If I had let being visually impaired stop me from doing anything, I wouldn’t be here today.”


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