Khanqah Moula. KL Image: Bilal Bahadur

Kashmir’s Amir-e-Kabir Days

The period between 1371 and 1405, during the initial days of the Shahmiri Sultanate, was extremely crucial in Kashmir’s transition to Islam. It witnessed the arrival of Amir-e-Kabir, his son and their 1000-odd followers who joined a more than 200-year old campaign for…

Special Report

Election Takeaways

After Jammu and Kashmir concluded the security-intensive Lok Sabha polls that exhibited low participation, Shams Irfan reports the tensions in…

Nisar Ahmad Mir Wushu Inspector A handicraft artisan’s son fought odds to become the only male in his modest family to study and become Kashmir’s only Wushu coach and judge, reports Saima Bhat

Wushu Inspector

A handicraft artisan’s son fought odds to become the only male in his modest family to study and become Kashmir’s…


Sushil Attri

In a bizarre turn of events, a Kashmir Administrative Service (KAS) officer Sushil Attri was found dead, hanging inside his…



JAMMU Over the last few years, ‘honour’ killings are being reported from Jammu and Kashmir. Last week, a husband Tota…

editorial kashmir life srinagar on ramzan ul mubarak

Ramzan Responsibilities

What has been usually seen in Kashmir during the Muslim month of fasting is that the governance structure gets into…

Law students protesting against women. KL Image: Bilal Bahadur

Societal Shame

by Tasavur Mushtaq With protesters clashing with police and paramilitary forces at several places, Kashmir came to a halt on…

Srinagar Fires 1892

Kashmir was always interesting and enigmatic. Charles Adolphus Murray, the 7th Earl of Dunmore was in Srinagar in May 1892,…


Dial For A Gift

She was in the MBA classroom when she started her business from her upmarket residence. She takes orders for gifts…

Touyiba binti Javaid

Youngest Author

Born to a family where poetry and scholarship is routine way of growth, Touyiba bint Javaid is Kashmir’s youngest author,…

The signboards could be misleading but both institutions are in the same building. KL Image by Faheem Mir

College Abundance

All of sudden, there is a huge race for more colleges. With additional 52 colleges announced by the governor in…

Bashir Ahmad with his father in this family photo.

Suicide On Road

After finding the situation not conducive to sustain his family, a man who availed the rehabilitation package to return home,…


Halt Hokersar

Though the project is in its final stage of implementation to reduce the de-siltation, the famous Hokersar wetland requires immediate…

Jana Begum rowing her boat. KL Image by Samreena Nazir

Bridging A Village

A fisherwoman stopped going to sell her husband’s catch after situation prevented her leaving her five daughters unguarded at home.…

Human Rights
Ghulam Hassan Bangi at his shop. - Ruined Life - Kashmir Life - Story

Ruined for life

After losing his eyesight to the pellets, a young man fought odds to come to the terms with enforced disability.…


Hoekh Suen Is Back

As better earning population is consuming fresh vegetables around the year pushing the traditional dried vegetables to history, a hospitality…


Keeping The Date

For managing 365 days and decorating the kitchen walls, Kashmir alone consumes almost three million wall calendars a year. Detailed…


Science Behind Ramadan Fasting

by Dr Zeenat Farooq Apart from the spiritual experience that a person undergoes during Ramadan fasting, there are tremendous scientific…

Life Story
Syed Firdousa Rabbani with the students of her school. KL Image: Faheem Mir

Model Teacher

Faheem Mir meets a Rehbar-e-Taleem teacher who donates her modest earnings to the poor students in her class. Her colleagues…


Wow, 10 Years!

In the last decade of our uninterrupted operations, a number of journalists remained associated with Kashmir Life. Some came to…