Heavy Rains In Ganderbal Triggers Flash Floods

SRINAGAR: Following heavy rains in central Kashmir’s Ganderbal and its adjoining areas, the power canal at Baba Wayil Padshahibagh witnessed a breach forcing water...
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How Does the Pegasus Spyware Work, and Is...

by Paul Haskell-Dowland and Roberto Musotto While the leak of more than...

What Is Diabetic Foot?

by Umair Shafiq Khanday Diabetes is responsible for over 50...

What Were The Recommendations of The Assembly Constituted...

by Khalid Bashir Ahmad In all, the Report documents...

Sharing A Style?

Is Dr Farooq Abdullah delivering his political speeches the same way...



Briefing July 18 – 24, 2021

Briefing July 11-17, 2021

Briefing July 4 – 10, 2021

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‘Food Can Build Your Capacity To Resist Covid19’

Beenish Zohra, a practising dietician and a clinical nutritionist,...

Drastic Drive?

The high-pitch campaign to enforce lockdown is making society’s...

Yatra. Really?

Amarnath pilgrimage could undo the painstaking efforts to control...

ASHA Nirasha

Overworked, underpaid and vulnerable to infection, around 20,000 ASHA...


Cruising Through The Sind

Like a love affair, the hunt for tracing the source of the Sind river took me years of trekking deep into...

Reclaiming Khushal Sar

The government avoided any commitment that it will restore the freshwater lake. Eventually, a social activist threw his hat in the...

Jungle Outreach

After the drastic drives of “evicting” the forest “encroachers”, when an expert team visited the communities living in the forest periphery,...

Plant Collectors In Kashmir

While studying Botany, students hardly spare a thought about the processes and the people who gave their lives to identify and...

A Tribute to Sema Tahir

by Tariq Banday Ever inspiring as you were, you touched many hearts back home and many more beyond – in the far off lands –...

Deaths By Drowning

Around 35 people, most of them minors, have drowned while bathing in streams and ponds to beat the scorching sun. This has triggered calls...

Kashmir’s Constitutional Reforms 1939

The assembly in Jammu and Kashmir is one of the many outcomes of the July 13, 1931 massacre. Recommended by a British officer JB...


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