Defying norms, a Kashmiri couple puts in a lot of effort at their workplaces. Once they find a few days of holiday, they visit foreign countries. They document their travels and put in on Instagram and that is helping them gradually emerge into a role model of sorts, reports Syed Shadab Ali Gillani

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Nargis Qureshi and Imad Badri in Kashmir

Curated by Nargis Qureshi and Imad Badri @thewanderingkashmiris serves as an inspirational guide for those seeking to break free from routine on social media. With nearly 9000 followers, this couple showcases their frequent overseas jaunts displaying how dreams can be realised through determination and creativity.

Focusing on cultural exchange and diversity, their Instagram chronicles global adventures and bridges the gap between aspiration and reality, demonstrating that careful planning and commitment enable dream pursuit alongside life’s responsibilities. What makes their actions distinct is that despite extensive travels, they maintain a deep connection to their Kashmiri heritage, infusing their journey with cultural pride.

From Kashmir to Bangalore

In Bangalore, amid the fervour of professional endeavours and entrepreneurial aspirations, resides Nargis Qureshi, a woman whose path from the serene valleys of Kashmir to the dynamic tech hub of India encapsulates resilience, determination, and unwavering passion.

“I spent my entire childhood and education up until the twelfth standard in Kashmir, attending Mallinson School, “Nargis said, her voice resonating with the nostalgia of her roots. “Later, I embarked on a new chapter in Bangalore, which has become the cornerstone of my formative years.”

In Bangalore, Nargis pursued both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. “I studied Computer Science, Mathematics, and Statistics for my bachelor’s and then transitioned to Applied Mathematics, specialising in Actuarial Science, for my master’s programme.”

With the studies complete, Nargis entered the corporate arena, initially joining Citibank as an Investment banker before transitioning to Nestaway, a burgeoning consumer tech start-up. “At Nestaway, I embraced various roles, from Business Consulting to ultimately heading the Customer Experience vertical,” she recounts, delineating her dynamic career trajectory.

Nargis and Imad are from diverse professional backgrounds. However, what was the key binding force between them was the travel. Collaborating on various projects, they finance their goal of exploring every country in the world. Nargis, driven by a passion for travel, overcame familial challenges by demonstrating her capabilities through planned trips with her parents.

Solo Travels to Shared Adventures

Nargis embraced the world of travel with an unyielding desire for exploration and a resolute determination to forge her path. Her journey led her to the lively streets of Bangalore, where she crafted her identity amid the city’s chaos.

“I vividly remember my first solo trip,” Nargis recalls, her voice tinged with nostalgia. “It was a leap of faith, a journey into the unknown.” Amid doubts and apprehensions, she embarked on a voyage of self-discovery, travelling solo through 25 countries, each step a testament to her indomitable spirit.

“I had to overcome numerous obstacles, both external and internal,” Nargis said, her eyes gleaming with resilience. “But with each challenge, I emerged stronger, more determined to pursue my passion for travel.”

Her journey was not just an adventure but a testament to her steadfast commitment to defy societal norms and chart her course. “I refused to conform to the expectations imposed upon me,” she asserts, her voice echoing with conviction. “I forged ahead, determined to live life on my terms.”

Nargis Qureshi and Imad Badri in Egypt

During her solo expeditions, fate intervened, intertwining the threads of destiny as she crossed paths with Imad. “Our meeting was a convergence of souls bound by a shared love for exploration,” Nargis recounts, her words filled with warmth and affection.

Nargis and Imad share a harmonious journey, blending spontaneity and planning in their adventures. Their mutual love for travel is a commitment to capturing moments through photography and videography, considering travel a canvas for painting the colours of their lives. Embodying a contemporary nomadic lifestyle, they prioritise enriching experiences over material possessions, believing true wealth lies in the memories and experiences they create together.


For Nargis, solo travel was not merely a matter of ticking off places on a map; it represented a profound immersion into diverse cultures and personal development. “Solo travel worked well for me because I am an extrovert,” she notes. “It is not difficult to catch up or mingle with people, to understand local experiences.”

Choosing Airbnb over traditional accommodations, Nargis sought out local hosts, valuing more than just a place to sleep.”When travelling solo, especially for an outgoing person, engaging with people becomes easier,” she observes. “But there are challenges, particularly as a solo female traveller. Safety is always a priority.”

Despite the obstacles, Nargis found solace in her passion for exploration, capturing her journey through photography and videography. “I used to travel with all my gear, setting up shots on my own,” she recalls. “But now, with Imad by my side, it is a different story.”

Now Into 30th Country

Imad, Nargis’ travel partner, has transformed her solo adventures into shared enriching experiences. As they reach their 30th country, they reflect on their evolving travel narrative, aiming to inspire others through social media. In a digital world, their journey emphasises that the true essence of travel lies in the human connections made along the way, revealing a world brimming with wonder.

“It is incredible, the love and prayers I received,” reflects Nargis, her voice carrying the weight of gratitude. “Especially during my solo travels, I never imagined the impact it would have on so many women following me.”

Navigating the globe alone, Nargis found herself at the forefront of an unexpected movement. “I have a significantly large female audience,” she notes, a sense of awe in her tone. “They were schoolmates, college mates, strangers drawn to my journey.”

Nargis Qureshi and Imad Badri in Oman

Her solo adventures transcended personal exploration, becoming a source of empowerment for countless women seeking inspiration. “I never set out to inspire anyone,” she admits. “But it happened along the way. Now, with Imad, we unintentionally became couple goals.”

The dynamics of their journey evolved, prompting interest from their followers. “Couples travelling together have a unique appeal,” she observes, acknowledging the heightened attention to their shared experiences.

Amidst their travel enthusiasm, Kashmir stood out as a destination for Nargis. Initially hesitant to display it due to concerns about portraying a female traveller, with Imad’s support, they took a leap of faith. The positive response led to collaborations and requests from various platforms, exceeding their expectations.

The Road Ahead

Nargis and Imad anticipate endless possibilities in travel and content creation, leveraging the digital age’s opportunities, from barter deals to monetization. Their focus remains on inspiring and empowering others by emphasizing that genuine adventure encompasses both explored places and the stories shared along the way. Together, they envision a future filled with boundless dreams and limitless horizons.


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