Artwork by Mohammad Aalim Bin Noor

Name: Mohammad Aalim Bin Noor Class: 4th School: R P School

Artwork by Mir Ahmad Abdullah

Mir Ahmad Abdullah Class: 1st C School: RP School

Artwork by Guleen Shah

Guleen Shah Class: 1st C School: PCHSS

Artwork by Mohammad Labeeb – Young Life

Mohammad Labeeb Class: 1st F School: DPS, Srinagar


In Kashmir,a human being is more worse than an animal in case of food adulteration; Because many sins are prevalent in our society but the...
Shahi Feroz

Never Hide – Young Life

Shahi Feroz Watlab Zaingair
Muhammad Hanief

Ali, A storyteller

Half grown beared with short moustaches, Red face with a broad smile, Define Ali,a famous story teller from my village Batter my heart with blessings, Ali murmurs rapidly, In...

Suhail Abdul Haq – Young Life

Suhail Abdul Haq Class: 2nd School: JK Public School Humhama

Artwork by Guleen Shah – Young Life

Guleen Shah Class: 1st School: PCHSS  


Syed Mustafa Ahmad Hajibagh, HMT Not a single day passes without your talk! Because you had learnt that life is not to stop but always to...
Artwork by Qazi Moosa

Artwork by Qazi Moosa – Young Life

Qazi Moosa PA-3 Foundation School
Artwork by Iflah Mushtaq

Artwork by Iflah Mushtaq – Young Life

Iflah Mushtaq Class: 12th School: HSS, Amira Kadal

“Yell for Peace” – Young Life

SHEFAN JAHAN A yearning yell for Peace………. Came all, and in unison we prayed Our nimble hands together clasped We are together yoked to the knot of fate And,...


Syed Mustafa Ahmed Life was so sweet told by the people; But I was made to eat the dirty apple. It was the shocking incident of all...

Women Discrimination – Young Life

Ayat Parvez | Govt Higher Secondary, Amira Kadal Gender discrimination is a catastrophe for a society. It is a grubby character of those who discriminate...