Monday, July 22, 2024


Art Work By Anayah Ali Haji

Name: Anayah Ali Haji Class: 3rd Blue School: Mallinson Girls  High School

Artwork by Saqib Manzoor

Name: Saqib Manzoor Class: 12th School: Sri Pratap Higher Secondary School, Srinagar  

Artwork by Mohammad Aalim Bin Noor

Name: Mohammad Aalim Bin Noor Class: 4th School: R P School

Artwork by Mir Ahmad Abdullah

Mir Ahmad Abdullah Class: 1st C School: RP School

Artwork by Guleen Shah

Guleen Shah Class: 1st C School: PCHSS

Artwork by Mohammad Labeeb – Young Life

Mohammad Labeeb Class: 1st F School: DPS, Srinagar


In Kashmir,a human being is more worse than an animal in case of food adulteration; Because many sins are prevalent in our society but the...
Shahi Feroz

Never Hide – Young Life

Shahi Feroz Watlab Zaingair
Muhammad Hanief

Ali, A storyteller

Half grown beared with short moustaches, Red face with a broad smile, Define Ali,a famous story teller from my village Batter my heart with blessings, Ali murmurs rapidly, In...

Suhail Abdul Haq – Young Life

Suhail Abdul Haq Class: 2nd School: JK Public School Humhama

Artwork by Guleen Shah – Young Life

Guleen Shah Class: 1st School: PCHSS  


Syed Mustafa Ahmad Hajibagh, HMT Not a single day passes without your talk! Because you had learnt that life is not to stop but always to...
Artwork by Qazi Moosa

Artwork by Qazi Moosa – Young Life

Qazi Moosa PA-3 Foundation School
Artwork by Iflah Mushtaq

Artwork by Iflah Mushtaq – Young Life

Iflah Mushtaq Class: 12th School: HSS, Amira Kadal

“Yell for Peace” – Young Life

SHEFAN JAHAN A yearning yell for Peace………. Came all, and in unison we prayed Our nimble hands together clasped We are together yoked to the knot of fate And,...